[mrtg] 2.7.2 gifs are now huge for some devices?

DApel at omnipoint.com DApel at omnipoint.com
Thu Oct 21 19:43:37 MEST 1999

Been running 2.7.2 for quite some time, upgraded from earlier MRTG revs.
Probably need to update to 2.8.8 or rrdtool, but that's another issue.

Anyway, I just upgraded one of my 3com switches (Linkswitch 3300) to
software rev 2_02_31

I can manually walk the switch ports just fine.  ifInOctets and ifOutOctets
are in the correct OID hierarchy, and the values are kosher.

Indexmaker output looks correct, when compared to my several dozen other
switches/routers/devices.   No surprises.

Anyway, the upshot is that the gifs are now HUGE for this new switch port,
over 10MB apiece for the daily/weekly/monthly/yearly.   
At approximately 45MB per PORT for the gifs, 24-port switches are killers!

The log files look correct compared to "known good" log files for other
switches/routers.   The only difference I can see in the .log files is that
the "bad" log files are 2 lines shorter according to wc -l than the "good"
.log files.   Same format to both good and bad .logs

The graphs themselves make no sense whatsoever, just lines and lines of
dashes and dots inside the image.   (And of course, even on my 100Base-T lan
connection, it takes more than a few seconds to load up those gargantuan

I've tried deleting the gifs and re-running mrtg on that config file again,
but the same huge gifs happen over and over.
I use a template for all my config files, and it checks out against all my
other "good" config files.

What  the hell happened?   Anybody see this before?   Known problem with
either MRTG 2.7.2 or the 3Com switch firmware revision?

Doug Apel
Sr. Network Administrator
Omnipoint Technologies, Inc.
dapel at omnipoint.com

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