[mrtg] Re: MRTG read values units

Larry Sheldon lsheldon at creighton.edu
Sun Oct 24 16:28:34 MEST 1999

> Thanks for the answer.
> However, I use 'unscaled' in the .cfg file and I get extremely low values.

"unscaled" just keeps MRTG from adjusting the scale to make the graphs look
big--it doesn't change the values graphed.

> ~2000 bytes (!) or 350KB for a backbone 100Mbps (12.5MBps) port that I know
> is extremely busy! That cannot be. Now I assume (as it is being read
> directly from the switch) that the numbers are correct and I have the units
> wrong. I have the same problem with a 3com SuperStack II 3300 .
> I'm sure there is some way to rectify this, I just don't know how.

It isn't clear to me if you are clear on the issue of "bytes" which MRTG
graphs (unless you tell it otherwise), and "bits" that some vendor
software use.

In case there is a "subjective" problem (it is not clear to me that there
is), I deal somewhat regularly with people who "know the network is
extremely busy", where MRTG, a Sniffer, and other tools all agree that it
is not (usually--I have to be carefule about getting cocky!).
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