[mrtg] Re: Interface Description

David C Prall dcp at dcptech.com
Sun Oct 24 19:28:04 MEST 1999

> I've scanned through the archives but still don't have a good idea as
> how to get an Interface Description into the HTML. I have seen where
> will provide Cisco
> 'CiscolocIfDescr' and 'ifAlias' respectively.
> How does one point this to a particular interface (or is that already
> embedded in the OID - if so which digit, and how can I best find that
> Then does one set up a target with the same name as the interface
> statistics target? How does one get to the returned value in order to
> it into the HTML?

You need to be able to walk the MIB's in order to determine all of the
information you need. I would recommend GETIF for NT. You can do an
snmpwalk of the router which will return ifName.<target number> =

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