[mrtg] asking for MRTG config files for true64 Unix (digital Unix)

lombardi emanuele lele at mantegna.casaccia.enea.it
Thu Oct 28 15:56:35 MEST 1999

Dear colleagues,

The following packeges 
RRDtools        http://ee-staff.ethz.ch/~oetiker/webtools/rrdtool/
MGTR		http://ee-staff.ethz.ch/~oetiker/webtools/mrtg/mrtg.html

are very nice to get, keep and plot system & network info.
Plotting is automatically made on html pages ready to be served!

I installed them on my COMPAQ (DEC) Alphaserver 4100 running True64 unix (Digital
Unix) 4.0d

I'm looking for people already using the above tools and wishes to share
their MGRT configuration files for my machine.
I would like to monitor memory, swap, pct CPU usage and so on ....

Thank you very much 

 Emanuele Lombardi
 mail:  AMB-GEM-CLIM ENEA Casaccia
        I-00060 S.M. di Galeria (RM)  ITALY
 mailto:lele at mantegna.casaccia.enea.it
 tel	+39 06 30483366 fax	+39 06 30483591

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