[mrtg] Re: 3com 3300tx MIB

Mark Hendricks hendricksm at acad-comp.humboldt.edu
Fri Oct 29 01:24:31 MEST 1999

I just received the SSII 3300/1100 MIBs from 3Com today.

Good Luck


 Does anyone have, or know where to find, the MIB file defining the
> enterprises.43 stuff for 3Com?
> I can't seem to locate it.  I'm not sure if this is my own ignorance about
> what to look for, or if they're hiding it.  I followed someone's suggestion
> about grepping for "43" through the various mib files I found at their site.
> Some had 43's in them, but they won't compile.  I'm not sure if this is
> because they aren't really mib files.  I'm pretty new about anything
> non-automatic with MRTG, so trying to get to enterprise-specific stuff is
> all foreign to me, as are mibs, SNMP, and RMON in general.
> Any help would be appreciated.  I've already used MG-SOFT's MIB Browser to
> find various things I want to monitor.  I just can't figure out anything
> about the "enterprise" stuff.
> Thanks in advance.
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