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Giorgio Torassa gtorassa at wind.it
Fri Oct 29 12:18:06 MEST 1999

This is also a problem of mine. Now I know how many sync (modem) calls are
Is it possible to know also how many sync (ISDN) calls are active ?

Giorgio Torassa

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Oggetto:  [mrtg] Re: as5300 MIB

Hi Noel
I use this OID to monitor how manyasync port are active :

target[modem]: at ip_or_hostname
The first OID monitor how many async port are in use and the second OID
monitor how async port are free.

You can see many OID's into the attach file.

kikino su sardu

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Subject: as5300 MIB

>I have a Cisco AS5300 with one E1, anyone who knows the MIB of this router?
>What I want to do is to know the total active async ports a given time, and
>to get the total bandwidth consumption of the E1 port.
>Any idea is highly appreciated.
> emmanuel "noel" gabriel
> Trellis Communications Center
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