[mrtg] Re: Using non-standard MIBs

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Sun Oct 31 02:48:14 MEST 1999

Stojan Rancic wrote:

> I'm having problems following certain variables, such as :
> . (enterprises.ucdavis.systemStats.ssCpuIdle.1)
> . (enterprises.ucdavis.systemStats.ssCpuUser.1)
> . (enterprises.ucdavis.systemStats.ssCpuSystem.1)
> . (enterprises.ucdavis.diskTable.dskEntry.dskAvail.1)

These OIDs do not seem to be the problem.

> I can see them normally using snmpwalk or a Windows program such as Getif, but MRTG says something like this :
> SNMP Error:
> Received SNMP response with error code
>   error status: noSuchName
>   index 1 (OID:

> SNMPGET Problem for ifInOctets. ifOutOctets. sysUptime sysName on comm.stringt at machine.name.com

> My entry in the cfg file is like this :
> Target[cpu_box]: at machine.name.com
> Anyone know what's going on and how I could monitor those variables ?

When specifying OIDs, you **MUST** use two of them.  This may cause the
search for ifInOctets.  Another problem could be that your community
string does not allow to read all variables.  MRTG uses, apart from the
OIDs you specify (or the default ifInOctets and ifOutOctets) the OIDs
sysUptime and sysName.

The command "snmpwalk machine.name.com comm.string ." should
provide them, amongst others.  Check this and modify your snmpd.conf if

If you really can't get this working but are able to read the OIDs you
need to monitor, you could create an external script.  Make the script
something like this, but add debugging etcetera:

  snmpget machine.name.com comm.string \
    . \
    . | awk '{print $3}'
  echo A long time
  echo machine.name.com

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