[mrtg] Re: MRTG/UseRRDTool - Bits vs. Bytes?

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Sun Oct 31 03:30:47 MET 1999

Mark T. Ganzer wrote:
> We are currently using MRTG to monitor a bunch of routers in our
> network, and need to add a bunch of additional devices to what we are
> currently monitoring. However because of the current load on the
> machine, I would like to start using the UseRRDTool option and 14all.cgi
> as I add new devices. I noticed, however, that when I do this, the Bits
> option is ignored, and all plots are displayed in Bytes/sec. Is this teh
> expected behavior?  All of our current MRTG plots are in Bits/sec, and
> it would be nice to keep things consistant.  Can this be fixed in the
> 14all.cgi script? Or does it require changes to the RRDTool database?

Both MRTG and RRD store bytes per second.  14all is work in progress
(altough I read that the author won't do much more about the script IIRC)
so it is very well possible that it doesn't know about the Bits option.
"grep -i bits 14all.cgi" is remarkably silent :-)

I'm no programmer and know little to nothing about perl but I am able
to find the line where the data is retrieved from the databases.  Look
hafway the script for the lines with "CDEF" in them.  They show how to
perform calculations.  The last "else" part defines "in" and "out"
directly from the database.  Multiply by eight just the way as the
other options multiply by 60 or 3600.

Ofcourse you'd need to modify other things, especially labels ...

If all of your stuff is the same, apart from ip address/hostname, you
may be better off writing your own cgi script, perhaps using 14all.cgi
as an example?

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