[mrtg] Modem line utilisation

Kevin Sheard kevin.sheard at kingston-internet.net
Wed Sep 1 11:34:13 MEST 1999

Hi all

Can anyone offer a suggestion to the following? I set up an MRTG script a couple
of weeks ago to monitor the number of PSTN/ISDN lines in use at any one time.
This worked and I have offered this script to several other users who say it
worked for them. I have two 120 modem racks (AS5300); one now reports no
connections (when there are 1 or 2) and the other reports, eg, 10 connections
when there are 12. I have manually run MRTG to force an immediate update.

The only differences over the last week are these:

    The telephone numbers have changed
    I've added a chart to graph the combined usage of rack1 & rack2

Here is a section of the script. I'm keen to hear of any suggestions/solutions.

If you have tried the OIDs that I posted recently, please could you let me know
if they report the correct number of conns? Does yours graph both analogue &
digtal correctly?

Is it possible to set an Interval of LESS than 5 mins?

Regards & Thanks


. at router
MaxBytes[modems_used]: 120
Title[modems_used]: campbell : Modem Activity
Options[modems_used]: growright,gauge,nopercent,integer
Unscaled[modems_used]: dwmy
ShortLegend[modems_used]: .
YLegend[modems_used]: Users
LegendI[modems_used]: Active Modems
LegendO[modems_used]: Inactive Modems
PageTop[modems_used]: <H1> Modem Utilisation
   <TR><TD>Maintainer:</TD><TD>Kevin Sheard</TD></TR>
   <TR><TD>Interface:</TD><TD>Terminal Lines</TD></TR>
   <TR><TD>Max users:</TD>
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