[mrtg] Threshold and multible notify

Robert Knotek robert.knotek at brainforce.co.at
Thu Sep 2 14:38:15 MEST 1999

My config. (MRTG 2.8.8 on Linux)

WorkDir: /vol1/Http/Stat/Ping/new
#ThreshDir: /vol1/Http/Stat/Thrash
ThreshDir: /usr/local/bin/mrtg/ThreshLog

ThreshMinI[_]: 1
ThreshMaxI[_]: 5000
ThreshMinO[_]: 1
ThreshMaxO[_]: 5000
ThreshProgI[_]: /usr/local/bin/mrtg/Thresh/threshin
#ThreshProgO[_]: /usr/local/bin/mrtg/Thresh/threshin
ThreshProgOKI[_]: /usr/local/bin/mrtg/Thresh/threshinok
#ThreshProgOKO[_]: /usr/local/bin/mrtg/Thresh/threshinok

I got the message htah der threshold os broken multible time. (each time mrtg runs)
I checked if the files in /usr/local/bin/mrtg/ThreshLog exists (they exist and have the time of the last run of mrtg)

any Ideay
Ing. Robert KNOTEK
Gumpendorferstr. 83 / 1 / 1
A-1060 Wien

Tel: ++43 +1 59951 21
Fax: ++43 +1 59951 13
email: robert.knotek at brainforce.co.at

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