[mrtg] FW: NT not returning SysUpTime

Jones, Randy jonesr at exi.do.losrios.cc.ca.us
Thu Sep 2 02:21:45 MEST 1999

> I am trying to use MRTG (running on a Linux 6.0 box) to trend the CPU and
> Memory stats. for one of our NT servers, but I am having problems. The NT
> server is version 4.0, SP5. The NT server will not return a value for
> sysUpTime.

I saw the same thing on NT4 SP5.  Two registry keys were missing
on my system.  I added


and the problem was solved after restarting the service.  The RFC1156
one by itself will fix the sysUpTime problem.  The other was necessary
on my server to get the enterprises.lanmanager goodies to show.

This is about the same as what's on http://www.toucan.ie/ntmrtg/ about
halfway down the page.  Since the value names don't seem to matter I
decided to use names rather than numbers to maybe prevent future
overwrites by others slamming in a "1" or "2" without looking
(as that FAQ notes some must do).

Randy Jones <jonesr at exi.do.losrios.cc.ca.us>
Computer and Network Development Specialist
Los Rios Community College District
Sacramento, California

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