[mrtg] Archive to Database?

Chris Caswell chris at ncren.net
Tue Sep 7 22:40:34 MEST 1999

I seem to recall that at one time there was a discussion on this list
about having a hook in rateup to run an external program _after_ the
standard data collection has been completed. I have not been able to
uncover this in the archives, however. (Maybe it's just wishful

What I would like to do is use MRTG to collect the data in its normal
fashion, but once data has been written to the log file, I would also
like to be able to write it to a relational database for future analysis
/ archival. The reason for wanting to write the data at this point is
that I want all the collected data to go into the same database. Rather
than parsing all the different log files for each interface we monitor,
we could put the collected data and interface description either
directly into the database, or more likely a flat logfile for later
insertion into the database.

Is this going to take a hack of rateup?


Chris Caswell
North Carolina Research and Education Network

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