[mrtg] Re: AS5200/MRTG

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Thu Sep 9 00:09:26 MEST 1999

> When I run it manually:
> [mrtg at vdtcache run]$ ./get-rtrinbel
> 3
> 10
> [mrtg at vdtcache run]$
Okay, it should provide 4 lines however I've read that it is okay
if it only returns 2.

> My cfg file looks like this:
> Target[rtrinbel]: '/home/mrtg/mrtg-2.8.6/run/get-rtrinbel'

Use backticks ...     ` is different from '

> Options[rtrinbel]: growright, nopercent, integer, absolute, gauge

You already know to skip the "absolute" however I don't think this
is causing the problem.

> MaxBytes[rtrinbel]: 30

Provided you really have 30 modems: okay.

> The .log file looks like this:
> 936818702 0 0
> 936818702 0 0 0 0

Is this timestamp changing as expected ?
I think it is (it is a recent value).

If MRTG does some calculations on the result (for instance if you
forgot to put "gauge" in) the first line should display the value
as read from the target, the second line should display the rate.


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