[mrtg] problem with statistic values

Thomas Haberland thaberland at hawkeye.net
Mon Sep 13 20:58:04 MEST 1999


I downloaded mrtg-2.8.8 and installed it completly new to monitor our new 3Com
Comparing the created statistics with the graphics from the old mrtg version I
used before, I noticed a problem:

The values

 - avarage in / out
 - max in / out

in all 4 graphics were not correctly updated and "loose" old values.

Past week our 1 GBIT Layer 3 switch had a max out value of 1000K,
reported on wednesday.
Today (monday) the max out value of the past week displays only 160K. Also the
month and year graphics doesn't mention the 1000K value anymore.

This mysterius effect does happen on all monitored devices and all graphics.

I use mrtg-2.8.8 on a RedHat 6.0 server. With the new installation of this
release I created new cfg files for all devices and didn`t change them since
File permissions were all correctly set, running mrtg manually I get NO
error messages. mrtg is running via crontab all 5 minutes (layer 3 switch
only) or all 10 minutes (other devices).

Any ideas?


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