[mrtg] Re: problem with statistic values

Thomas Haberland thaberland at hawkeye.net
Mon Sep 13 23:14:23 MEST 1999

Hi Larry,

> > The values
> >  - avarage in / out
> >  - max in / out
> > in all 4 graphics were not correctly updated and "loose" old values.

> Unless the traffic is a flat line at the higher value, I would expect the
> kind of thing you report.
> Don't forget, the top graph is five-minute averages, the next one down
> is thirty-minute averages of the five-minute averages, and so on.
> Turn on the WithPeak option to see what the biggest five-minute average was
> in the thirty-minute average.

maybe I don't understand it correctly, but I had no problems with the old mrtg
release I used before (2.5.x), and the graphics and statistic values were all
correct during the past month.

As I understand it, the "max" value displays the general maximum used
bandwidth, NOT directly for the past 5 or 30 minutes - for the time period of
the past 24-hours, past week, past month and past year.
All 4 graphics should display the used ammount of bandwidth during the
specified time (day, week, ....) and NOT loose the values, especially not loose
the max and avarage!

I used mrtg since >12 month and it was a very usefull tool. I could check all
days / weeks and see how much bandwidth was used (thanks to backup.pl from
contrib) everytime, see how much bytes in and out, and specify the time this
happened. NO value was lost or overwritten. ;-)
And I could solve some basic problems by noticing a very high bandwidth using
during the night shift or weekend. (such would be unimpossible now!)

All this is no longer possible. The graphic bars and statistic values were
changed often, also max in/out and average in/out values changed (to lower

Past friday I created a high bandwidth usage, which was displayed by mrtg in
the graphic bars and statistic values - today I can't find any notice about
this high peak into the week / month / year graphics. It happened really and
was stored into the files, but where is it now ?? Why was it overwritten??
Such didn't happen with the old release.

I am really confused, but don't want to downgrade without understanding what
is going wrong. Or update my understanding how mrtg works. ;-)

And I will try the WithPeak option to see if this will change anything.


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