[mrtg] vendor option?

Pickard James R TSgt HQ AFWA/SCHS James.Pickard at afwa.af.mil
Tue Sep 14 15:44:50 MEST 1999


Trying to use MRTG with a Cabletron 8600 Smart Switch Router and  Cisco 7513
series router.  Every time I run the cfgmaker util on either one of these I
get this error message: 

USAGE: cfgmaker [--vendor] 'community'@'router'

use the --vendor option to try and wrestle some better information from
willing livingston and Cisco routers ... may not work

I'm using the correct community name and IP address. I have also been
successful using MRTG with the Cabletron 2200, 6000, and 9000 series smart
switches.   Just these two devices are giving me trouble.  

My question is "What is the --vendor option and how is it used?  (Not sure
if it will even work with Cabletron)


Does anyone know of a way to get info out of a Cabletron SSR 8600 or Cisco


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