[mrtg] Total Bandwidth Usage

gravi at dsams.com gravi at dsams.com
Tue Sep 14 23:14:45 MEST 1999


I am new to MRTG (and first time user of this group) and so, please
bear with my questions.  I am monitoring a Cisco router connected to a
T1 line.
Here are my questions.

1.  How do you make MRTG display total bandwidth usage (in %) of T1
   Currently it displays In/Out statistics of the router every 5 mins.
   Adding these two values may not be accurate as it may exceed 100%
2.  The Y - scale on the graphs do not display full bandwidth capacity
    of T1 line (i.e. 193 KB/s).  The graphs end at 176KB/s.  How would 
    I make the graphs display the Full capacity of the line?
3.  I would also like to monitor another Cisco router connected a
   Fractional T1 Line.  How can I combine statistics from these two
    router to display total T1 usage?

Thanks in advance for your response.

Ravi G.

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