[mrtg] Re: Multiple Graphs

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Wed Sep 15 01:45:42 MEST 1999

> I am having problems graphing multiple variables in mrtg.  That is to say,
> graphing 4 targets on one graph.  Any help would be appreciated.

Where you now have four targets in your config file, they are built up
with these lines (among many others):

Target[blah.1]: 1:public at router
Target[blah.2]: 2:public at router
Target[blah.3]: 3:public at router
Target[blah.4]: 4:public at router

This would create four graphs, all from "router" with community string
"public". They are interface numbers 1 to 4.

Modify one of the targets and skip the rest (or leave them and copy
one to a new name).

>From the docs (you *did* read them, didn't you ?)
     * You can also use several statements in a mathematical expression.
       This could be used to aggregate both B channels in an ISDN
       connection or multiple T1s that are aggregated into a single
       channel for greater bandwidth. Note the whitespace arround the
       target definitions.

You should be able to modify the first into something like:
Target[blah.x]: 1:public at router
              + 2:public at router
              + 3:public at router
              + 4:public at router

Note: whitespace is important.

Just before you ask:

NO: you cannot draw more than two (or: four if using withpeak) lines.
You didn't ask this but just in case ...
If you want to do this you need rrdtool.


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