[mrtg] Cisco 7500 POSIP reporting

Lloyd Kwong lsk at enfm.utcc.utoronto.ca
Wed Sep 15 19:41:05 MEST 1999


I am running MRTG version 2.8.2 and have been having a weird problem
monitoring a very busy POS interface on a Cisco 7500 running 11.1(22)CC.
When I first startup MRTG polling on the POS , it initially reports the
correct inbound bit rate, but on the next interval, reports errantly
low values.  For example, the first interval reports a correct inbound
rate of 107 Mbits/sec, then the next interval will report the current
inbound rate between 2-3 Mbits/sec.  Over the next few intervals, the
rate increases to around 15-20 Mbits, but it is still way off the actual
107+ Mbit rate.

However, the outbound rate is reported correctly the whole time, which
is approx 40 Mbits/Sec.

Any idea what is causing the discrepency?   I also monitor 100+ other
routers without any problems.  The POS is by far the busiest interface
(traffic wise) that I monitor though.

Lloyd Kwong	      +       University of Toronto
lsk at onet.on.ca	    + + +     Network & Operations Services
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