[mrtg] Re: Problems with MRTG and Windows NT

Leonardo Rodrigues coelho at persogo.com.br
Fri Sep 17 15:50:34 MEST 1999

    As I explained in the original mail, the link between machines is NOT
down. If it was, i wouldn't be able to get CPU Usage stats either. I can get
cpu, but network traffic gets 'crazy' sometimes. And i didn't change any
interfaces ..... but for testing purposes, I modified my cron script to
erase mrtg.ok right after calling mrtg. If it's a interface ID problem,
it'll finish now.

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From: CREIXELL Gustavo M. DICEI <BAIGMC at techint.net>
Subject: [mrtg] Re: Problems with MRTG and Windows NT

Related to this problem, it is very common in some cases when the link
is down or the interfase ID has changed (for instance if has installed a
new module in the router).

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