[mrtg] Re: [mort] Size/scale of graphs

Stieers, Ken KStieers at dainrauscher.com
Fri Sep 17 18:48:24 MEST 1999

Ok, I was wrong on that one.  MRTG scales to Absmax if it exists.  If you
remove the Absmax, you'll get a graph that stops at 1mb, an stays there.
The problem is if you cross that line, rateup will ignore it.  I'm not sure
if that means its graphed as a 0, or treated like it didn't get any data. 


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> >Steven, 
> >
> >Are you trying to get the max that the graphs display to 
> stay constant (say
> >at 15k) and have everything over that maximum not displayed?
> >
> >If so, I think what you need to do is this:  
> >1. Set ABSMAX to the real maximum that the interface will transfer
> >2. Set MaxBytes to the maximum you want the graph to display
> >3. Set the graphs to be Unscaled.  (Unscaled[target]: dwmy)
> Okay, so I now have:
> MaxBytes[x.shellnet.co.uk.5]: 125000 # (1 Mbit/s)
> AbsMax[x.shellnet.co.uk.5]: 12500000 # (100 Mbits/s)
> Unscaled[x.shellnet.co.uk.5]: dwmy
> And this has just seemed to have the effect of putting a red 
> line on the
> graph bang on the 1Mbit level... urgh... I hope you lot know what's
> going on here :-)
> Steven Fletcher - steven at shellnet.co.uk / flec at flec.co.uk
>        Shellnet - http://www.shellnet.com

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