[mrtg] Memory Usage on Cisco

Lionel Billiet lionel.billiet at upmf-grenoble.fr
Mon Sep 20 14:15:26 MEST 1999

I monitor the memory usage of a Cisco 1605R using:

Target[mem-router]: at adrip
RouterUptime[mem-router]:comm at adrip
MaxBytes[mem-router]: 100000000
AbsMax[mem-router]: 100000000
ShortLegend[mem-router]: B
LegendI[mem-router]: Used
LegendO[mem-router]: Free
Title[mem-router]: Memory Usage
PageTop[mem-router]: <H1> Cisco 1605R Memory Usage
Options[mem-router]: gauge,nopercent

But I don't like the results returned by MRTG. I think the MaxBytes (and
so the AbsMax)
values are wrong. How can I calculate these values, and where may I find
them in my
Cisco router via telnet?


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