[mrtg] Re: mrtg inquiry

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Thu Sep 23 01:21:35 MEST 1999

> Hi,
> I just would like to ask if mrtg for nt/unix 
> a y2k compliant or, if not, do we need to
> install some patches.  Your reply will help
> a lot.  Thanks.

This has been discussed before. For the complete discussion: see the

There won't be an official guaranty as the program, like all other
"free" software, comes as-is.

>From memory:
MRTG is expected to be y2k compliant. It uses seconds-since-the-epoch
type of date/time and this will do until january 2038 on 32-bit counters.

As with all other software: whenever it interacts with other software
that is not y2k compliant, it may produce strange results. This is not
the fault of the program itself.

And finally a recommendation from myself:
Don't trust any guaranty. Test, test again and even then be prepared
for failures. Make sure to have recent and frequent backups. In case
some program (nt, unix, mrtg or whatever) destroys your data you'll be
glad to use different tapes each cycle instead of overwriting the same
tape each time. This last is not y2k specific however I think there is
a higher probability of minor problems due to the complexity of todays
computer environments. The world will not come to an end but on the
other hand you don't want to take any risk.


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