[mrtg] Re: (no subject)

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Thu Sep 23 13:41:59 MEST 1999

> Hi all!
>  Could anyone give me a hint,
>   Why  IN and OUT counters on my graphs look EQUAL (or almost equal).
>  For example, after I downloaded big MP3 file through MRTG-monitored link
> PPP2
> (MRTG autoconfiguration defined it as MaxBytes: 3600 b/s - it is 19200 4ll
> connection) for 30 min at a speed 2kb/s or so , I can see the following:
>        Daily graph for this period displays : IN : ~500 b/s  OUT:~510b/s  -
> it is not exactly what it looks like, but looks similar.
>   I can definitely say, that incoming traffic WAS much BIGGER and outgoing -
> MUCH SMALLER  that time.
>   Moreover , it could, at least, display 1800 or 2000 b/s , not 500 ! (for
> incoming traffic)
> Any thoughts?
Yes, you are using the linux operating system with a 2.0.x kernel ?
If so: you don't know about the problems that occur on that OS.


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