[mrtg] Re: 95th percentile?

Pete Templin templin at urdirect.net
Fri Sep 24 22:59:37 MEST 1999

On Fri, 24 Sep 1999, Tim Kennedy wrote:

> there's a script around somewhere called "calculate_traffic.pl".
> It takes a begining date and an ending date, and tells you how much
> traffic passed in that time period, and you can do the math with your CIR
> or allowed rate, and see what percentile you are in for the month.

But if you're taking that from an ordinary MRTG log file, you've got
inaccurate data to calculate from (or data of differing accuracy).  If you
want the 446th highest five-minute sample (95th percentile of 12 samples
per hour times 24 hours per day times 31 days in the month), you need to
do something different, as in archive daily data to a file so it doesn't
get averaged.


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