[mrtg] Re: 95th percentile?

Stieers, Ken KStieers at dainrauscher.com
Mon Sep 27 14:46:54 MEST 1999

> Giving this some more thought, I'm a little unclear on the 
> current 5-minute
> MRTG graphs...Do the 5-minute graphs show peaks, or are they 
> showing an
> average?  

Technically its a rate, not an average.  Its not created by taking multiple
polls, its ONE poll.

>I've always assumed it was an averaged value, but I 
> turned on
> "WithPeaks" to see what would happen.  I then get peaks on 
> all the other
> graphs, but *not* on the 5-minute graph.  What am I not 
> understanding here?

The weekly graphs are created by averageing 6 polls of the daily graphs.  If
WithPeaks is turned on, it shows you the highest poll of those six for that
30 minute slice of time (6 polls * 5 min). 



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