[mrtg] indemaker

Matt Wibby Matt.Wibby at nsc.com
Mon Sep 27 17:16:24 MEST 1999

greetings all,

i would like to use indexmaker to build a page with the monthly graphs and the 
text data (max, average, out) for each graph included on the page with the 

i think it will be easy to replace the daily graphs with the monthly graphs, 
but i do not know how to write the text data that is associated with the 
monthly graph to the indexmaker generated page.  i cannot find a switch in 
indexmaker for accomplishing this objective.

i am using mrtg 2.7.4b on an nt 4.0 host.

here's the command i am using.  nothing special going on here:

system 'perl i:\WhatsUp\Web\mrtg-2.7.4b\run\indexmaker -t "Terminal Servers"  
-1 -b  #ffff99 i:\WhatsUp\Web\mrtg-2.7.4b\run\reports\tserver.cfg > 

has anyone done this?

thank you for your assistance.

matt wibby
network engineer

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