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At 05:14 PM 9/28/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi all
>A usage question for you all. I'm interested in how scalable MRTG can be
in large scale enterprise
>networks (upwards of 5000 nodes). Are any of you running it in such a
complex environment and if so
>how is it performing? I'm not looking for absolute statistics - more just
a feel for how much it can
>handle before it starts slowing down. I understand of course when talking
about networks like this
>one usually turns to OpenView, Unicenter, or Spectrum or similar, but it's
awful hard for these
>products to compete on the basis of price with freeware...

I think the only problem would be 
"can you poll the entire network in under 5 minutes?"
If it were me i would probably throw together a linux
box just for this purpose (spare parts) like a pentium
100 or something, install a webserver on it and call it
stats.whatever.com. 1000 machines a minute is going to
have to be awfully fast on the polling side of things.

If the working directory is shared on the network you
could use more than one machine to do the polling if 
it's taking over 5 minutes. or you could split it up
over multiple machines, and just use frames to make
it all accessible from a central source.

I would be interested in your results.

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