[mrtg] Re: Mrtg to gather printer pagecounts?

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Wed Sep 29 22:55:56 MEST 1999

> I'm not sure how useful this is, really, because the values change so
> slowly -- maybe 350 sheets per day on a really busy printer, and only if
> some bored person has decided to print out some huge Powerpoint file or all
> the beanie babies for sale on ebay.
> Maybe if I get to be a real mrtg expert, I'll figure some way to compress
> the max and min values for the Y axis so that they are with 1000 units of
> each other, and trends might be more visible.
You could try and use the "perhour" config directive.

Or, you could become an rrdtool expert and do just what you suggested.
Eventually you will upgrade to rrdtool (and mrtg3 when it's finished)
anyway so why not start with it now.


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