[mrtg] Re: How do I Save Populated HTML Pages

afroeland at dansystem.dk afroeland at dansystem.dk
Wed Apr 5 15:49:45 MEST 2000

Hi Copsey

Right, - you are missing something very simple.

The HTML page produced by MRTG does not include gif's, but referes to gif
files (like any other HTML page)
If you have a target page called you will in the directory also
find 4 gif's called and and so on. Copy those to your customer as well.

Andreas Froeland
Afroeland at dansystem.dk

Copsey M Brian CONT NSLA <CopseyMB at NAVSEA.NAVY.MIL> on 05-04-2000 15:17:51

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I am trying to save the MRTG produced HTML files for certain targets
monitored to send to customers.  When I save the html file I only get the
text and none of the gif images are populated in the saved html file.  I am
sure that I am missing something very simple.  Any ideas on how to save
for transport off the server running MRTG?

Thanks in advance.


Brian Copsey, copseymb at navsea.navy.mil
Communications Team, ND095
Indian Head, MD 20640
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