[mrtg] Re: rateup problem w/ MRTG

Pekala David-p30198 David.Pekala at motorola.com
Wed Apr 5 21:37:43 MEST 2000

> I saw your post on the mailing list and I was wondering if you ever fixed
> the problem.  It has to do w/ the ./usr/include appended to the end of the
> file it's trying to write to, right?  I've been able to get around the
> problem by removing all of the ./usr/include instances in run/mrtg.  My
> only problem is that when I used indexmaker to get the main index.html
> page containing a link to all the different ports, I'm not getting any of
> the graphs or the background.  I looked @ the html source for the
> index.html page and it has links to files w/ the ./usr/include on the end.
> Any one know how to fix this?
> Thanks,
> Dave
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*	Subject: About rateup error 
*	From: "Ing. Rolando Romero Acosta" <roly at softel.cu
<mailto:roly at softel.cu>> 
*	Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 13:22:15 -0500 
Hello all I'm using mrtg on my linux RedHat 6.0, but it don't work properly.
When I execute "mrtg mrtg.cfg" commandd, I get a error message
/usr/bin/rateup:  can't resolve symbol  "jpeg_resync_to_restart"  I don't
know why I receive that message. What can I do to resolve this problem?

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