[mrtg] Re: Can MRTG work on Win95/98?

Justin Genter jgent at nioga.org
Wed Apr 5 22:03:31 MEST 2000

> Question on whether MRTG can run on WIN95/98
> and if so how to schedule it to run (i.e. is
> there an equivalent AT function as per NT
> available anywhere?). Anyone tried this?
> Appreciate any feedback regarding this, don't
> ask why Win95/98, basically management
> tight-fisted so clutching at straws.

I noticed in the downloads there is a file called 95MRTGScheduler.zip
(13-Jun-1999 01:21 1.4M)

I loaded this and it installs the MRTG Scheduler for Windows 95 and MRTG
Scheduler Service. Attempting to run the MRTG Scheduler for Windows 95
causes an "Unexpected error" message. It looks like it's actually
scheduled something, but at the 5 minute interval it comes up with a
"file not found error". I can't seem to find any instructions on this
program - anyone get this working?

I'm attempting to run it on an old Win95b computer with IE5.01, MRTG
2.8.12, ActivePerl, and MS Personal Web Server 4.0. (IE 5.0 also
installed the Task Scheduler, but it can only do something hourly, not
by 5 minute intervals).

Justin Genter
Automated Systems Specialist
NIOGA Library System

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