[mrtg] graph errors?

Daniel R . Kilbourne daniel.kilbourne at voyager.net
Thu Apr 6 17:20:38 MEST 2000

Any ideas here?
I am trying to get load stats from Linux boxen. I have the OIDs needed:

.              Load Average -1 Minute
.              Load Average -5 Minute
.              Load Average -15 Minute

they seem to work:

[root at hostname run]# snmpget hostname public .
enterprises.ucdavis.laTable.laEntry.laLoad.1 = 1.09
[root at hostname run]# snmpget hostname public .
enterprises.ucdavis.laTable.laEntry.laLoad.2 = 0.96
[root at hostname run]# snmpget hostname public .
enterprises.ucdavis.laTable.laEntry.laLoad.3 = 0.60

now, I plug them into mrtg:

Target[hostname.load]: at hostname * 1000
MaxBytes[hostname.load]: 10000000
Title[hostname.load]: hostname load (5 minute)
PageTop[hostname.load]: hostname load (5 minute)
YLegend[hostname.load]: LOAD
ShortLegend[hostname.load]: LOAD
Legend1[hostname.load]: LOAD

Target[hostname.load1]: at hostname * 1000
MaxBytes[hostname.load1]: 10000000
Title[hostname.load1]: hostname load (1 minute)
PageTop[hostname.load1]: hostname load (1 minute)
YLegend[hostname.load1]: LOAD
ShortLegend[hostname.load1]: LOAD
Legend1[hostname.load1]: LOAD

Target[hostname.load15]: at hostname * 1000
MaxBytes[hostname.load15]: 10000000
Title[hostname.load15]: hostname load (15 minute)
PageTop[hostname.load15]: hostname load (15 minute)
YLegend[hostname.load15]: LOAD
ShortLegend[hostname.load15]: LOAD
Legend1[hostname.load15]: LOAD

the problem is that although I get valid results from snmpget, my graphs are all showing nothing (all at 0). Any help here?
I have already tried multiplying by 100 and 1000 to insure an integer, and tweaked the MaxBytes just for the heck of it.......

Daniel R. Kilbourne
daniel.kilbourne at voyager.net
Voyager.net Network Engineer


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