[mrtg] Re: How much is too much?

Dautzenberg, J. j.dautzenberg at heerlen.nl
Sun Apr 9 21:26:19 MEST 2000

Hi folks,

I have been reading this discussion today because i noticed some 'delay' in
my 5 minute interval to have MRTG (2.8.12 on Windows NT4, SP5) doing it's
job on a PIII 700Mhz server.
I'm scheduling a .cmd file by using MRTG Statistic Updater (MSU110). As it
seems to me this scheduling tool 'waits' for the started .CMD-file (which
include the procesing of several .cfg-files)) to end processing, and THEN
schedules the next one after 5 minutes to start. Since the processing of my
mrtg's, called in the .CMD-files, took up 2 minutes to end (for some stupid
reason i already corrected though) it got my attention when i saw in the
results showing up in a 7 minute interval constantly. Since i made some
corrections in some files, the processing now takes up 30 seconds and now i
notice an average of 5 and a half minute in the generated html-files.
My conclusion is that MSU is the causing the problem. It should start a job
after 5 minutes counting from the start of the previous one and not start
counting 5 minutes since the end of the previous one.


John Dautzenberg

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