[mrtg] Re: Getting data from mrtg

Dan Schmiedt willys at clemson.edu
Thu Apr 13 01:03:21 MEST 2000

On Wed, 12 Apr 2000, Pekala David-p30198 wrote:

> I am trying to grab the processor load and number of processes.  When I use
> snmpget or snmpwalk, I have not problems obtaining the data.  When I enter
> the info into the config file and run ./mrtg mrtg.cfg, everything seems to
> work fine.  When I go to the web page, not data is showing up.  I perform a

The following config gets cpu load from a cisco router.  Are you sure
you've set the "gauge" option (gauge must be set for gauge-type values,
like cpu load; see docs) and your Maxbytes is not set below the actual
value (it should be 100 for cpu) ... MRTG won't show anything if the
maxbytes value is exceeded.

Target[router-cpuload]: at ip.address
MaxBytes[router-cpuload]: 100
Title[router-cpuload]: Router cpu load
PageTop[router-cpuload]: <H3>router cpu load</H3>
               This is a graph of router cpu load...
Unscaled[router-cpuload]: dwmy
Options[router-cpuload]: gauge
YLegend[router-cpuload]: %CPU

Good luck, 

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