[mrtg] graphing wireless radio strength

Curtis Smith curtis at sotatech.net
Thu Apr 13 16:25:35 MEST 2000

i am trying to log signal strength from some wi-lan wireless radio
units.  a
snmpget to the radio with the custom oid returns something like this:

        enterprises.2686.26.0 = 32

i want the 32 to be logged.  but whatever i do, mrtg logs and graphs

here is the .cfg i am trying to use:

WorkDir: /usr/local/mrtg-2.8.12/local-config 
Refresh: 300 
Interval: 5 
WriteExpires: Yes 
. at
Directory[wireless_test]: www/wireless
Options[wireless_test]: gauge noinfo nopercent 
YLegend[wireless_test]: Signal Strength 
ShortLegend[wireless_test]: Signal Strength 
MaxBytes[wireless_test]: 75 
Title[wireless_test]: Wireless Test Page

this is what i get when i run mrtg on this .cfg:

SNMPGET: Failed to reach target:
". at". 
I tries multiple times! public at

if i put only one oid in the .cfg, then mrtg appears to run, but only
logs zero's.  we have a similar .cfg to log temperature on a 3com tc, so
i dont understand why if i can do a manual snmpget and recieve a
responce, why cant mrtg?


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