[mrtg] Re: Unused connections on Maxs

Earle Ake earle.ake at hcst.com
Thu Apr 13 22:04:11 MEST 2000

According to Josh Hill:
> I am using this: at xxxx as my OID's on an Ascend MAX to monitor used modems and available modems.  10.5.0 should be showing the used modems (which it does fine) and according to http://www.ee.ethz.ch/~slist/mrtg/msg02360.html
> 4.24.0 should show unused ports, but it doesnt.  In my graphs I see the total number of ports as what should be the unused.  I have searched the archives and everything points to how to monitor used connections, but little info on available connections.  Any insight would help.  If the only reponse is RTFM or search the archives, please tell me where in the FM it discusses this, or which message I should read.  So far, searching for availble modem ascend in the archives returns little of use.

	I have a script that will graph percentage used if you hard-code
the total available in there.  If you have 80 total and 46 are used, it will
output 58 which is the percent.

	I can send it if you want.

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