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Hi Joe

All SNMP network devices contains the same basic MIB's, sometime also know as
public MIB's
Public MIB's have a RFC number. MRTG only uses the basic /public MIB in order to
get In and Out
Octets. The starting point for that data is (.iso.org.dod.internet.mgmt.mib-2)
or is you like dot format: (.

GETIF have by default the basic / public MIB's "in" the program, and you can
therefor get the data AND the description from all the OID that are in the basic
/ public MIB.

Now, - if you want to get some data that is very device / vendor specific, -
like cooling fan speed, you will
need the vendors device MIB in order to find the OID you must query.

If the vendor supplied some entry level management software together with the
product the MIB's is in most
cases with the software. Look for *.MIB or xyzMIB.txt. Normally you would also
be able to download the MIB's
from the vendor's WEB site

If you can't get the MIB a MIB browser like Getif will be able to get the data
from the device, this is also the reason
why MRTG can work without knowing the MIB. With GETIF you can push the bottom
called Walk and GETIF will go trough the hole MIB for you (using a SNMP command
called GETNext), - the problem is that you will NOT get a description of the
OID's so the information you get is not very useful.

Andreas Froeland
E-mail: Afroeland at dansystem.dk

Joe Tang <Jtang at spieker.com> on 12-04-2000 22:58:44

To:   Andreas Frøland/Dansystem/DK
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Can you be kindly explain this to me. I want to extend the question that
Josh asked. What happen if you don't know the MIB? Is there some program or
tool that goes out and get you that. I have used MRTG without knowing any
mib. When MRTG create the config file, my understanding is that it creates
the mib for you. I guess if you want to monitor other things other than the
config file than you need to know the mib? Once you have the mib than you
can use GETIF, right?


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     Hi Josh

     1) Take the MIB "import" it into your preferred MIB browser.

     If you don?t have any yet take a look at GETIF from

     2) Query you device using your MIB and the MIB browser.
     You will then be able to see the description of each OID, and the
     returned from the

     You can also read the MIB file (it is in text format) to see if you
     find what you are
     looking fore. Normally the description is ok, it does however
require some
     training to
     extract that actual OID with the human eye.

     Andreas Froeland
     E-mail: Afroeland at dansystem.dk

     "Josh Hill" <xenolith at mounet.com> on 12-04-2000 19:49:36

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