[mrtg] Ascend Max 6000

Julian Armendariz admin at discover-net.net
Thu Apr 27 21:56:05 MEST 2000

I am trying run a snmpwalk to show how many users are currently logged in.
It was working fine with their TAOS 7.0.4 but when I upgraded to 8.0.2 I now
get nothing.  My cfg and asc look like this:


Target[ecmax3.users]: `/cfgs/ec3.asc`
MaxBytes[ecmax3.users]: 96
options[ecmax3.users]: gauge, transparent
Background[ecmax3.users]: #ddddff
Colours[ecmax3.users]: GREY#666666,RED#ff0000,BLUE#0000ff,GREEN#00ff00
XSize[ecmax3.users]: 600
YSize[ecmax3.users]: 150
Ylegend[ecmax3.users]: Users
ShortLegend[ecmax3.users]: Users
Legend1[ecmax3.users]: Users
Legend2[ecmax3.users]: Users
Legend3[ecmax3.users]: Users
Legend4[ecmax3.users]: Users
LegendI[ecmax3.users]: Users
LegendO[ecmax3.users]: Users
Title[ecmax3.users]: Users on ecmax3
PageTop[ecmax3.users]: <Center><H1>Users on ECMAX 3</H1>
       <TR><TD>System:</TD><TD>ecmax3 in Graham Riverside</TD></TR>
       <TR><TD>Maintainer:</TD><TD>Julian Armendariz</TD></TR>
       <TR><TD>Max Users:</TD><TD>96</TD></TR>


set MODEMS1=`/usr/local/bin/snmpwalk $bank1name $bank1community
interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifType| grep -i ppp | wc -l`
set UPTIME=`/usr/local/bin/snmpwalk  $bank1name $bank1community
system.sysUpTime|cut -c 44-80`
set DESCRIP=`/usr/local/bin/snmpwalk $bank1name $bank1community
system.sysDescr|cut -c 22-62`
echo $MODEMS1
echo $MODEMS1
echo $UPTIME

Unfortunatly I just started here as the network administrator so all of this
was setup by the previous admin and I have no way of contacting him.

Any help would be appreciated.

Julian Armendariz
Network Administrator
DiscoverNet Inc.

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