[mrtg] 2 Interesting quirks I need help working out...

Wes Owen weslist at netatlantic.com
Fri Aug 11 03:45:39 MEST 2000

I have been using MRTG for a month or so now, and I really like it, but 
there are a few things I need help with.

1.	Lets start off simple.  My machines run backups which generate extremely 
high traffic from 1-2am every morning.  Thanks to this list and all the 
suggestions, I decided to go with the AbsMax and MaxBytes.  What I noticed 
is that the traffic from 1-2am didn't show at 100%, it just kind of kept 
where it was before.  Is there a way to show the traffic as just 
100%?  Also, I noticed that there is a red line showing the maxbytes and/or 
absmax value, but my history shows previous traffic above that line.  Is 
there any way to set the graphs to just show traffic under say 20k a sec, 
and have anything over that show as 100%?  Also, if I want to keep one 
graph showing the peaks and one graph showing only under 20k, can I do that 
without having to keep 2 log files, or can I do it using just one?

2.	I am using ucd-snmp-4.1.2 on all my 4 of my machines.  2 of my machines 
are red hat 5.2, and 2 of them are red hat 6.2.  The 6.2 works great in 
terms of showing correct bandwidth.  But, when I monitor my rhl5.2 
machines, the input and output values are almost identical, and they 
shouldn't be.  My ISP provides MRTG polled at the router, and it shows more 
outgoing traffic than incoming (which is correct), but my graphs show 
almost identical.  Any guesses on what might be going wrong here?

Thank you everybody for all the help you guys have given me!

As always, please reply to the list instead of me so incase anybody else 
has these problems, they can see the answers without having to post.



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