[mrtg] Announce MRTG-2.9.0pre22

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Tue Aug 22 21:59:38 MEST 2000


The is the SmallProf appreciation release ... read on ...

as usual to be downloaded from



Changes 2.9.0pre22
From: Rainer Bawidamann <Rainer.Bawidamann at informatik.uni-ulm.de>
 - updated version of 14all.cgi
 - identify threshold checking configs properly
 - fixed snmp level 2 identification for simple targets
 - add default values for background and backgc

From: Benoit Artuso <benoit at proxad.net>
 - fix for confcache regeneration

From: Bjorn Nordbo <bn at nextra.com>
 - fixes for forker (trgnum was wrong ...)
 - fixes for missing 'directory' support in log2rrd

From: Tobi
 - use OS installer if one is available
 - lost a line from cfg file reads ... fixed
 - added OS detection to MRTG_lib so no more main:: stuff is necessary.
 - test for existence of work/log/html/image dir, try to create if missing
 - Used SmallProf on cfgparser found a grep which was bogging everything
   down ... together with some other small optimizations this brought
   the config file reading in my test case (900 simple  targets) down
   from 30 seconds to 7 seconds ... SmallProf rules (or if you look at the
   total runtime (I am using fork 10) this went down from 43 to 21 seconds

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