[mrtg] MRTG & Cisco 720X... :(

Matthew S. Krawitz matthewk at nationalairlines.com
Wed Aug 23 20:58:26 MEST 2000

I'm trying to get MRTG to watch the temperature on my 7206 router...

I've walked through the "enterprise" mibs and found the temp values.

When I 'snmpget <router IP> public .',
or 'snmpget <router IP> public . - I get
usable values.

When I run the following script:

  WorkDir: <path to wd>
  Refresh: 300
  Interval: 5
  WriteExpires: yes

[router]: .
blic@<router IP>
  Directory[router]: temp
  WithPeak[router]: wmy
  YLegend[router]: Degrees C
  ShortLegend[router]: &deg;C
  MaxBytes[router]: 50
  Options[router]: nopercent, growright, gauge
  Unscaled[router]: dwmy
  AbsMax[router]: 50
  Title[router]: 'Router (7206) Temp'
  Colours[router]: GREEN#00eb0c,BLUE#1000ff,BLUE#1000ff,VIOLET#ff00ff
  Legend1[router]: Average 1 minute Inlet Temperature
  Legend2[router]: Average 1 minute Outlet Temperature
  Legend3[router]: Average 5 minute Inlet Temperature
  Legend4[router]: Average 5 minute Outlet Temperature
  LegendI[router]: &nbsp;Inlet:
  LegendO[router]: &nbsp;Outlet:
  PageTop[router]: <H1> Temperature - Degrees C

(many thanks for the script, BTW...  I didn't create it...  I don't
remember who did...  but I didn't)

NO values get read.  The temp is listed perpetually at 0 degrees...
when my own snmpget attempts yield real results 100% of the time.

mrtg 2.9.0pre22
Solaris 8
Cisco IOS 11.3T

HELP!@!!!!   :)


 - matthewk (MSK2)

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