[mrtg] Re: E-mail Alarm for MRTG.

Justin Shore listuser at vinnie.ksu.ksu.edu
Wed Aug 30 06:09:50 MEST 2000

You might try some redirection.  I always forget the format so man 
bash to figure it out for sure:

*/5 * * * *  /usr/local/mrtg-2.9.0pre23/mrtg ~/configs/mrtg.cfg 
2>&1 > ~/logs/mrtg-output.log

The 2>&1 part is the important part and I can't remember if that's 
the right format or not since I dont' use it often.  It basically 
redirects STDERR to STDOUT so all output could be logged to file, not 
just STDOUT.


At 8:43 AM +0200 8/29/00, Kenneth Laulund Nielsen wrote:
>Is it then possible to have mrtg put the output in an log file insted of
>mailing it to an user? Because it is very annoying to mhave the mail box
>filled if a machine is not up and running!!
>Kenneth L. Nielsen
>Justin Shore skriver:
>>          While creating a mail alias or moving the cron stuff to
>>  another user would work, it basically sucks because you have to redo
>>  what you've already done, changing your habits, adding users,
>>  actually requires work, blah blah blah.  Want an easy solution?  When
>>  crond runs something and it generates a STDOUT or STDERR it sends
>>  mail to the owner of the crontab.  That's a given.  To change this
>>  behavior, add this line to your mrtg user's crontab:
>>  MAILTO="jack at talink.net"
>>  Put it right before your block of MRTG cron entries so it defines
>>  that environment variable before they run.  From that point in the
>>  crontab on all STDOUT and STDERR will be sent to the user you define.
>>  Likewise if you don't want any mail sent you could make it MAILTO="".
>>  If you want your MRTG user to actually receive certain pieces of
>>  mail, put them at the beginning of the crontab before your MAILTO tag.
>>  For that tidbit of cron joy and many others...
>>  man 5 crontab
>>  HTH
>>     Justin
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