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Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Wed Aug 30 21:53:54 MEST 2000

Today you sent me mail regarding [mrtg] Re: New Idea:

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*> From: "Denis Ahrens" <ahrens at pixelpark.com>
*> > I use mrtg to monitor some ups devices. The graph shows two straight
*> > lines in the the range from 230 to 235 volt. What I dont like is, that
*> > windows shows the range from 0 to 240. I could see the two graphs better
*> > if the window would show only the range from 300 - 340 or something near
*> > the minimum and maximum values.
*> >
*> > So my idea is a new config keyword, maybe rangepercent.
*> I'd prefer to see a "MinBytes" keyword which would do the opposite of
*> MaxBytes.  I think this would accomplish what you're looking for.  By
*> setting a ceiling and a floor for your values, you'd only show a graph of
*> what's in the middle.
*> On a somewhat related note, I've been graphing some squid snmp values and
*> what's kind of annoying (and this is maybe a squid thing as much as anything
*> else) is that when no one's at work the values naturally drop to 0, but it
*> makes the week/month/year averages (and graphs) totally distorted because
*> the min value is always 0.
*> My fix for this would be a TimeRange[] keyword which would accept a GMT time
*> range that the target should be polled.  Once you had a handle on when your
*> targets generated nonsense values you could omit those times. This would be
*> trivial to accomplish through cron, although I'd prefer it in mrtg..

you want to have a look at www.rrdtool.org this can do all this ...

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