[mrtg] Untraceable traffic spikes

Isaac Grover isaac at coe.engr.sjsu.edu
Mon Dec 4 23:51:13 MET 2000

Hey everyone,

I've been watching these spikes for the past couple weeks trying
to find the source of the traffic spikes in the graph, but I'm
not getting anywhere.

This device is a Xylan OmniSwitch Router with an ASX-622 ATM
uplink (the source of the graph) with one ESX 10/100 blade.  The
device on the other end of the fiber is a Xylan OmniSwitch 9-slot
chassis with ASM-622 ATM uplinks.  I've been watching every
interface on both the OS/R and the OSW/9, but the only interface
that shows these spikes is the ASX-622; even the ASM-622 on the
other end of the fiber shows no spikes.

Here's a copy of my cfg for this particular interface (mrtg 2.9.2
on FreeBSD 4.1.1-i386 BTW):

Options[^]: growright, bits,

# System Name: OSR-237

Target[192.168.x.x.2001]: at 192.168.x.x*53

MaxBytes[192.168.x.x.2001]: 77750000
Title[192.168.x.x.2001]: OSR-237 CSM-155 to OSW9-204

Not only do I have no idea where this data is coming from, but
it's very out of the ordinary on this network to see anything
larger than 4Mbps so these traffic spikes are hindering the
visual "normalcy" of my graphs.  =)

Has anyone else seen something like this before?

P.S. Please don't pester me about the GIF image.  Steve's
routers.cgi v1.2 did GIFs by default, and I'm in the process of
transitioning to v1.5 which creates PNGs.  Thank you.  =)

Isaac Grover - isaac at coe.engr.sjsu.edu
SJSU College of Engineering, ECS / Networking
ENG 237, (408) 924-4074

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