[mrtg] 14all.cgi and performance

Marcel Dorenbos M.Dorenbos at concert.net
Wed Dec 13 16:47:44 MET 2000


another question regarding 14all.cgi and MRTG. We monitor +900 targets with
MRTG at the moment (in rrdtool mode). The configuraiton files are split in 5
parts (every minute one part), and we use the fork option. It is running
great without performance problems (100 to 150 targets in 15 to 20 seconds).

The performance issue is when I want to use 14all.cgi. We have extensive
configuration files and it takes up to 9 seconds to parse them. I know one
solution from the discusion before, break down the configuration files into
smaller pieces.

I know that MRTG is caching the SNMP requests in the OK file (this actually
makes a big difference!). Maybe it is an idea to cache the results of the
parsing as well in a perl compatible way, for eg:
  WorkDir:  /www/
  IconDir:  /mrtg/

  Target[target1]: public at router

would be cached to something like:
  package My::Config
  use strict;
  use vars qw(%c);

  %c = (
     workdir => '/www/',
     icondir   => '/mrtg/',

     target => {
        target1 => 'public at router',

or use something like Data::Dumper. I expect that this aproach would enhance
the performance a lot. What are the opinions here?



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