[mrtg] indexmaker sort problem

Rippe, Mark (CCI-Warwick) Mark.Rippe at cox.com
Tue Feb 1 20:20:05 MET 2000

i am monitoring 12 identically equipped and configured cable modem routers.
i entered the routers in alpha order in the mrtg.cfg file.
i then ran index maker with the following command line:

./indexmaker -t 'Rhode Island' -g -s -r '.' -o
/usr/local/mrtg-2.8.11/www/index.html mrtg.cfg

the problem is that indexmaker alphabetically sorts all of the mrtg.cfg file
entry's so i wind up with
12 ATM-0 entry's in a row
12 DOWNSTREAM -1 in a row
i thought that the '-s' option would force indexmaker to load the page in
the order of the mrtg.cfg file.

i am running mrtg-2.8.11 on freebsd 3.4

mark.rippe at cox.com

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