[mrtg] Re: All numbers to low

Christian Terek cterek at home.com
Tue Feb 1 23:35:27 MET 2000

I'm having the same problem monitoring the 2 interface on a linux router.
Apparently the External NIC values are graphed just fine, but the Internal
NIC values are very small.  Since I'm using this box strictly for sharing my
calbe modem to my internal network, the values on both NICs should be the

Does IP masq affect this?  Perhaps my firewall rules need some fine tuning,
but since I'm getting SOME values then I don't think that this is the
problem.  I havve had the same problem before using Sygate  on NT to share
my connection.

I hope someone knows a solution.


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Subject: [mrtg] All numbers to low

>I'm new to this list, I apologize if this has been discussed before, but I
>couldn't find it in the archive.
>I have a 2MB connection to the internet. The router is a RH6 Linux router.
>The problem is that I cant seem to get the right numbers (kB/s). I tested
>the MRTG by downloading a 200 mb file at about 185 kps, but the MRTG said
>that the Max In was only 32 kB/s.
>Anyone have a solution?
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