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Neil Calvert ncalvert at cabletron.com
Thu Feb 3 23:01:25 MET 2000

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From: Dan Spray <cpdans at conpoint.com>
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Date: Thursday, February 03, 2000 4:52 PM
Subject: [mrtg] Graph problem???

Also does anyone know how to set the graph to a max of 1.54 MB
>instead of the max on the graph being the max data through.

use the unscaled key :


By default each graph is scaled vertically to make the actual data
visible even when it is much lower than MaxBytes. With the Unscaled
variable you can suppress this. It's argument is a string, containing
one letter for each graph you don't want to be scaled: d=day w=week
m=month y=year. In the example scaling for the yearly and the monthly
graph are suppressed.


 Unscaled[ezwf]: ym

(from the config.html file that ships with mrtg)

>Thanks in advance for any help.

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