[mrtg] Re: Graph Problem

Kostas Marneris K.Marneris at demokritos.gr
Fri Feb 4 16:24:29 MET 2000

>Okay I need help here, I set the unscaled directive in the .cfg file and it
>changed my graph from 36k at top to 200k at top.  But if you look at the
>bottom graph from the link at the bottom of this mail, you will see the
>year.gif is set at 1600k like it should be because this is a T1.  It
>this way on all of my graphs.  Does anyone have an idea.  Thanks

The last graph 'year' is on 'bits per second'
1600Kbps / 8 = 200 Kbytes per second

It's the same but you have to check why only the
year graph is converted in 'bits per second'...

Kostas Marneris
NCSR Demokritos / ARIADNE Network Operation Center
E-mail         : K.Marneris at noc.demokritos.gr

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